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April C_edited.jpg

"The employee Jean Marie who helped us choose which cake to order was fantastic helpful and happy. the cake was perfect my daughter loved it and the other treats were exquisite. that was my first time going there and ill definitely go back. I highly recommend it!"

- April C.

Elizabeth D_edited.jpg

"My department ordered me their Chantilly cream cake with fresh berries for my dissertation and oh my goodness was it the most amazing cake I've ever had... And HUGE! Layers of moist cake with mascarpone cream, topped with blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries, and had the most DECADENT whipped cream all around the edges then coated in shaved almonds... My goodness I was in heaven! Best cake I've had in New Orleans this far!"

- Elizabeth D.

Michele A_edited.jpg

"I ordered my wedding cake and a extra large strawberry Ponchatoula king cake for the grooms cake. They made the wedding cake exactly how we wanted it and it was absolutely delicious!! Everyone raved about our cake and king cake! I highly recommend them for a cake for any occasion, especially a wedding!"

- Michele A. 

Rebeca A_edited.jpg

"We chose Maurice for our wedding cakes and it turned out to be the perfect choice. The wedding coordinator (Jean) was extremely helpful since day one. Not only was she professional, she was extremely patient and friendly and made this component of our wedding a breeze. As for the cakes, both bride and groom's, they were PHENOMENAL!! I posted cake pics. Thank you Maurice French Pastries!!!"

- Rebecca A. 

Elisha P_edited.jpg

"Our wedding cakes were fabulous! The croquembouche was gorgeous and became a focal point in the reception room. The surprise groom's cake in chocolate with praline buttercream was simply decadent.

We ordered way more cake than needed for our wedding of 50 guests and yet it was all gone by the end of the night.

It was great working with Jean and I would recommend Maurice's to any bride-to-be".

- Elisha P.

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